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An Italian|Brazilian|English practice based in Milan. Diverse backgrounds and interests - a common approach to design.

The projects we have worked on span from commercial to residential to landscape projects, including furniture, lighting and jewellery design, graphics and photography. We strongly believe in the interdisciplinary approach of Architecture and Design where Research is a fundamental tool and where collaborations generate new unexpected solutions.

Space, light, materials, textures, patterns, and details are our formal tools. Our role is to respond to our brief, deciding the way these interact between themselves and with the context and users, to create functional and charismatic proposals. Whilst we want our projects to have an important impact, they must strongly reflect and adapt to the users personality.

Growing up in different cultures and having the opportunity to travel from a young age, multiple perspectives have shaped my curiosity towards the world, inevitably bringing me to study Architecture for everything it involves. I graduated from the Architectural Association in London and the Politecnico di Milano, after studying at Central St.Martins and the ETSAV-UPC in Barcelona.


Currently based in Milan where I work as a free-lance architect on collaborations and individual projects, in the past years I have taught as a tutor at the Politecnico and at the Istituto Marangoni [Design School] in Milan.

My main interest lies in the impact Design has on nature and human lives, individual or collective, be it in the creation of a space, an object or a service.

Brazilian by nature and by heart I graduated from the Politecnico di Milano after starting my studies at Escola da Cidade in São Paulo and doing an Erasmus at l’École Nationale Supérieure D'architecture de Paris-La Villette, Paris.

Life and love brought me back to Milan, where I now live and work as a free-lance architect and have begun my adventure in a new editorial project, BiLò, as co-founder and photographer.

Growing up in São Paulo, such a big and mostly ugly city, you viscerally feel what a strong influence - good or bad - Architecture has on your life. I’m increasingly interested in how aesthetics, the feeling of materials, what we see and what we live provoke change in our perception day by day and seek to propose a more harmonious experience in peoples lives.

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We have worked for and collaborated with practices and professionals throughout different fields and continue to seek new synergies to enrichen our projects:


Lorenza Gentile

Ludovica Rogers

Joel Benjamin

Eleonora Bertola



Claudio Silvestrin Architects

Karim Azzabi Architects

Jacopo Foggini

Studio Fuksas

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