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Being an architect means being endlessly interested in everything concerning human lives and their environment.

Alongside our physical interventions on space we continue our research into multiple scenarios of human interaction, expanding our interests and feeding into our projects themselves.

Through collaborations with professionals from different fields, competitions, personal research and workshops we have been involved in projects of diverse nature and continue to undertake these interdisciplinary experiences whenever we encounter the opportunity.

with Lorenza Gentile


After The Damages
Summer School  | 2022

Neuroergonomics and Sociogenesis
International Society of Biourbanism  | 2014 | ARTENA

Bilancio Energetico & Paesaggio
João Gomes da Silva | ACMA + UPC | 2012 | MILANO
Project: "Energie Lineari"

Energia Idroelettrica & Paesaggio

Jeppe Aagaard Andersen | ACMA + UPC | 2012 | MILANO

Project: "Generated by Water"

Energia Solare & Paesaggio

Barbara Aranson | ACMA + UPC | 2012 | MILANO

Project: "Energy Compensation"

Building Community
CASE Architects + ASF UK | 2007 | BANGKOK

Dimanche en Mali

Politecnico di Milano | 2006 | BAMAKO

Project: "Casa degli Artigiani"

Restoration of Darkness

AA + Musashino Art University

+ Musashi Institute of Technology | 2005 | YOKOHAMA

Building Zenobia. Area Dismessa Casa Mia

ACTion Milano + Officina Architettura | 2005 | MILANO

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