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BiLò is an online interior magazine that tells about houses with character through the people who inhabit them. In each article, the gaze of an architect (Bianca) and that of a writer (Lorenza) discover a new home and the life it contains, allowing themselves to be guided by its tenants.


Despite the wide choice of magazines and blogs on the world of interiors and design, we felt the lack of a more personal approach to the world of living, of more intimate stories and genuine environments. In addition to showing interiors that excite us, ours is a journey in search of different ways of living, stories hidden in the details, objects, taste and choices, with the aim of outlining a unique and unrepeatable universe each time.

For a house to be noteworthy, large spaces, iconic objects and an unlimited budget are not necessarily required, as long as it has character and a story to tell. Because a good story has the power to turn what may seem unimportant into something memorable.


Bilò aims to offer a new look at living and people, a little inspiration, practical solutions, expert insights, advice, particular objects, purchase suggestions, themed columns, and, why not, maybe even some existential reflections. Because each of us has something to convey.

And, ultimately, we are here to learn.

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