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Lighting Module | ILIDE


The prototype was produced for the presentation of the first collection of the brand “Ilide” (Italian Light Design), exhibited during the Fuorisalone 2011 Milan Design Week at the Zona Tortona’s Superstudio Più “Temporary Museum for New Design “

Part of the collection Unicittà, dedicated to Italian Cities, the lamp expresses the character of Milan: rough and concealing on the outside, once opened it contains precious pockets of light, whether it be interpreted as the luxury of events of the fashion and design capital, or the hidden quality of the city and its potential.
Milan is also a city seen from outside as a place to exhibit,just as its lifestyle is very much based on the concept of the image it reflects. The lighting module can therefore also be used as a case for small objects, or stacked to create larger modular structures.

Francesca Rogers

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