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Competition | CONNUBIA


One thing we have learned about lately, being forced to spend a lot of time at home, is the importance of being able to have your own space when you need it.

Niche is a normal, comfortable and colourful chair for occasions of conviviality. When you want to. But when you don’t, and you feel the need to isolate yourself and relax and you don’t have the possibility to do so, Niche transforms itself.

Through the simple act of lifting the sides of the padded fabric making up the structure of the chair, and fixing it into its new position you create a niche for yourself where you can screen yourself off from the surroundings.

We need to see furniture through a new vision: items we introduce into our homes should be adaptable to constantly changing situations and contexts as they change through different phases of our lives. The same piece of furniture must offer different functions so as to maintain its value through time by adaptating to our needs.

Francesca Rogers

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