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Bookshop & Cafè | MILANO


Five friends decided to open a bookshop and cafè in a historical area of the city. The idea was to create a space that people would want to return to, time and time again, for its atmosphere, becoming a reference point for the local people. All the necessary functions - bookshop, bar, children's area, events area and services - had to be mixed together in the typically small spaces of the buildings of this area.

Two floors were connected by a new staircase that had to be tailored to fit where there was once a steep laboratory stair for the old ice-cream store that had occupied the space years before.

The shop window was designed so that during the warm season it could be opened completely, inviting people into the space.

Throughout the shop the furniture was either custom made or chosen from flea markets in order to mix new materials with vintage objects to give warmth to the space, including all the decorative lamps and the recycled tiles used for the toilet paving.

TEAM | Bianca Rizzi, Francesca Rogers

PHOTOS ! Riccardo Lanfranchi, Bianca Rizzi

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