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Apartment Renovation | MILANO


Six young architectural practices where commissioned the design of each one of the apartments for “Concoct”, an apartment building for short term rental in Milan.

The ‘L’ shaped apartment assigned to April was resolved by creating a box containing all the service areas for the apartment (bathroom, cupboards and kitchenette) in the corner.

The position and the strong contrast between the continuous wood boiserie covering the box and the neutral treatment of the rest of the apartment managed to divide the space into areas whilst leaving a very open layout.

In order to further simplify the space the bulging wall of the common staircase invading the living area was covered by a series of sliding panels. These created a strong axis spanning the whole length of the apartment giving a strong perspective whilst hiding the television, the coat hangers at the entrance, and masking the bedroom from view without closing it off completely.

for April

TEAM | Alessandro Farinella, Francesca Rogers,

           Laura Mosca + Andrea Borri Architetti

PHOTOS | Andrea Borri Architetti

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