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Wine bar & Restaurant | CAMOGLI


Three friends from the beautiful seaside town Camogli in Liguria decided to open a natural wine bar and restaurant in their town to offer something new both to the tourists and the locals.
We wanted the space to be colourful as a backdrop to joyful evenings of an everchanging menu of new proposals of small plates accompanied by wine tasting of the labels chosen by the owners. As most of the buildings in the historical center of Camogli, the space had a long history, so we decided to bring out what we could of the original structure, from the wooden beams to the stratified wall we found by scraping away part of the plaster in one of the rooms.
The custom made wine shelf was designed so that part of it could be kept at 90° so as to partially screen the toilet door, but still be able to be moved back in order to let a wheelchair through in case of necessity.

TEAM | Bianca Rizzi, Francesca Rogers
PHOTOS ! Bianca Rizzi

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