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Guerrilla Colouring


VISION 20|20 Orientarsi negli spazi pubblici attraverso il colore EPSON + Università di Ferrara | HONOURABLE MENTION


The theme of the competition was the role of colour in the use of public space. Here it is used - in the form of a smudge of the park itself on the road - to connect the two green areas of the Parco delle Basiliche, a precious urban park, drastically split into two by a large road, with no traffic lights for the crossing of pedestrians and cyclists.

By creating a virtual extension of the park the simple guerilla intervention becomes an active instrument for

- the ORIENTATION for the crossing of pedestrians and cyclists

- the SIGNALLING to the cars of a critical crossing

- ADVOCACY for the presence of a conflict, where the park and pedestrian routes have been sacrificed in favour of the cars.

- the COMUNICATION to the authorities of the need for a regulated crossing

Francesca Rogers

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