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The Hidden Clinic

Underground Clinic for the Backpack

Health Worker Team | AA Dipl7


The hidden clinic acts as a permanent infrastructure for the improvement of the sanitary conditions of the IDPs in hiding in the Burma Jungle and as a temporary operating theatre for the visit of the backpack medics.

The providing of the infrastructure introduces new habits to the population, aiding the existing BPHWT program in creating a necessary network that could become the basis for the sanitary system when peace is finally established.

The backpack, made of net, carried through the jungle by the Health Worker Team, becomes a tool and template for the construction of

the structure with on site material, bamboo, earth and natural stabilizers. Special PET bags in which the medicines are carried, on site, applied to the roof of the structure, filled with water, become a Solar Disinfection (SODIS) device.

Francesca Rogers

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