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Lighting System | ILIDE


Light.Form is both a texture and a device.

A modular lighting system made of a variable number of identical modules, inspired by a simple origami. Integrated into the wall, it is easily customizable by the user to obtain the desired lighting: the effect is that of ‘de-materialising’ the surface with ones own hands to reveal precious light.

The first prototye for Light.Form “borrowed light” from the surroundings.The user could chose how much white surface to expose to increase the light effect of the space.

The more recent development of the system emits light itself from the white part of the surface (electroluminescent film). Magnets embeded in the darker part of the surface, (made of a 1mm layer of wenge’ wood applied to nylon fabric) aid the user in the opening and closing of the elements.

Designed as a student project at the Architectural Association

the prototype was developed with ILIDE_Italian Light Design (Designer Daniele Gualeni)

Francesca Rogers

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