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Building Renovation | SAO PAULO



A couple decided to move from their attic in the city center to a new house in a green area just outside the city. The house is to become a meeting point for the large family in weekends and holidays.
The idea was to keep the simplicity of the house and its original layout but to make it more comfortable, safe and aesthetically closer to the new owners taste. Adapting the old plan to their needs, we were able to give it flexibility without intervening too heavily on the existent building.
The request was to create bigger rooms, new bathrooms and everything necessary for their everyday needs. All the finishings, doors and windows were replaced, the electrical and plumbing systems upgraded, the colours of the house were changed both inside and outside, and the garden renovated by adding new features.

TEAM | Bianca Rizzi
PHOTOS| Bianca Rizzi

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